5 Reasons to Consider Monitoring Your Health with a Device That Works for You


As a health coach, I pride myself in helping my clients achieve their health and wellness goals and practice optimal self-care. Through this holistic process, I also recommend additional tools to help my clients track their progress and enhance their wellness goals.

One of those tools is a health monitoring device.  Health monitoring devices now hold the capability of alerting for life-threatening situations like heart attacks. These devices can also provide an alert for when a child or adult is in danger with just a simple touch of the panic button included with the device.  Having the opportunity to know about your health all day long can be a lifesaver.

Knowing the best device for you will help you accomplish the healthy lifestyle you have been longing for. This is especially true if that means knowing how many steps you take in a day to which activities burn the most calories for ultimate weight loss. Whatever your reasons are, knowing everything about your health can only benefit you.

Five reasons to monitor your health are:

1. It will improve your well-being knowing how active you are. It can allow you to make necessary adjustments so that you can achieve every goal that you set for yourself. These goals could be to lose weight, get more active or even just monitor your blood pressure and heart rate. You can track your calories and even watch your breathing rate.

2.  It is a vital device for life-threatening situations. Devices like mine can help prevent a heart attack because the device monitors your health all day long and warn you in advance, saving your life. It can show you when your heart rate is too high or too low and could prevent you from having a heart attack or it can give you the time you need to treat it.

3.  It will provide weekly health reports. Individual devices will give you a weekly health report. You can then give it to your health care provider, and they can give you suggestions if they see that something is incorrect because every bit of information helps.

4.  Some devices, like mine, have applications within them that allow you to not only check your health but your loved one’s health as well. If you have a parent or family member that is elderly and you do not live close, the app can tell you how their heart rate or blood pressure is even if you are thousands of miles away. You will then have the comfort of knowing that just because you are not there beside them, you can still take care of them.

5.  The panic button is a life saver. Individual devices have a panic button that can be pushed for emergencies. Children have been saved because of these advanced features. If a child feels uncomfortable or gets put in a dangerous situation such as an attempted kidnapping, they can hit the button, and it will send out a signal along with a GPS location. This also works if someone has fallen or is unable to get to a phone due to a medical emergency.

Using devices like these, you can have unlimited resources at your fingertips just from wearing one little, yet powerful device. The benefits of individual health and lifestyle devices are monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, breath rate, daily steps, and calories. Other features include the panic button, weekly health reports, and the family and friend synchronizing app that allows you to track not only your health but your friends and families as well.  Your well-being as an individual and as a family is vital.

Today could be the start of a better life for you and your family. Every little thing you do to make your life easier starts with individual health devices. No more counting calories or wondering if you walked that mile that you promised yourself. All of this is available to you at the touch of a finger. If you would like to learn more about monitoring your health and the health of your family, please contact me at a.primrose@blissfulexistence.com or click on the chat now tab to the right.



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